[[groovy musics: riverboat gamblers, of montreal]]

10:28 a.m. // 17 June 2003

what have I done this weekend? on Saturday hunter and dalton and I went to work early so we could take a super-long dinner break and go to j.b.'s wedding at the greenhouse. there was an open bar but I did not drink anything for I had to go back to work. the city editor sat with us and talked really loud and she was really impressed by the food, which we ate a lot of.

They did not have wedding cake. we had to go back to work at 9 but at 10 they brought out the WEDDING PIES. 1,000 OMGs!!! key lime, chocolate, who knows what else. I am so impressed by this tactic. I will take a pie over a cake any day.

speaking of which, I ordered a fruit tart for my birthday. yeeeaaaah. I am thinking of having a big hair bowling party.

on Sunday we slept in and then drove to my parents for father's day. my dad made salmon, as usual. I gave him the Strange Foods book and my parents were grossed out, even though I told my dad he's eaten some of the stuff in the book (rattlesnake, turtle, jellyfish, shark's fn, I think he ate dog once, I'm sure he's had durian). Then I had to go back to work. It's the last Sunday I have to work, so that's good.

yesterday I was supposed to be unpacking and cleaning, but I slept in until 11 and took a [nasal drawl] ba-a-a-a-ath and read magazines all day. I did do the pantry and build a compost bin; I found a bunch of superworms in the back yard. I made vegan rice puding. then chris jones showed up and we went to josh and nazli's house. then dwayne came back from work and he and Chris and Dalton and I went to J&J's for their amazing crusty pizza. then we came back home and watched Mr. Show until our eyeballs fell out.


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