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12:20 p.m. // 13 March 2003

I just read all of the latest Giant Robot cover to cover, and I can't stop reading snake pit. My sister is taking a shower while listening to her shitty pop-punk suckness, so I get to use her computer and say that I haven't gone yet to go buy a headlight and register to win my new Vespa. When I have nothing in my stomach going shopping makes me lightheaded. once I was trying to buy soap and there was too much soap to choose from, and I felt like passing out, and so I did not buy any soap.

also even though it's a crunchy favorite I will never buy dr. bronner's castille soap because there are too many words on the packaging and they give me a headache.

d. ray because he is nice and sweet bought me the criterion collection dvd of rushmore for valentine's day (a late gift, when we agreed not to get each other gifts or do anything special, I mean other than getting food poisoning together and vomiting all day). I really really want to show him the mtv shorts. the ikea commercials wes anderson did are weird, they both have the same premise and are really short and anyone else could have made them.

speaking of rushmore, dalton is at sxsw film and it's not fair, I still wish I could go to sxsw for the music. yeah I'm not jaded like all the austin scenesters who loathe the attention drooled on their town for some five days and the non-underground bands making their obligatory pit stops on the perceived road to fame and fortune. I grew up reading about sxsw and wishing I could go; not much has changed.


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