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8:19 a.m. // 07 January 2004

I had a dream that a colony of fire ants was trying to move into my yard, but I managed to drive them off with pellets of ant repellent. Then Christina came by and I asked her what did she think of these fire ants impudently moving in to a new neighborhood and trying to set up shop. It was an awkward question because she was actually their relocation consultant.

I spent $70 at Central Market on Monday and my mom was appalled. Okay, so was I, but I got like $15 worth of cool soda, $4 red currants, $7 of heirloom oranges, $7 of granola, $5 cheese, $1.50 clotted cream, $2 morel mushrooms, etc., etc. I am an incurable food lover.

Mikey also went home on Monday.

I got a note from my globe-trotting friend Ajeet with 10 rupees (the bill has a picture of Gandhi, a watermark picture of Gandi, and a note from the governor saying "I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER THE SUM OF TEN RUPEES"). I got produce stickers and a very nice letter from Mark, my farmer friend. He is getting married in March and he wants me, Hunter and Sam to be his groomspeople, but the reality is that none of us can go to the wedding.

last night for some reason I was really sad when I came home and Dwayne did not have a hot dinner waiting for me, even though he does not know to make a hot dinner unless he is told. So, starting off in a sad mood, I boiled black-eyed peas and ravioli and toasted bread and fried garlic until I felt better. Then we played gin rummy in bed and fell asleep.

Tonight is a J8 show at J&J's. I better make my cheat sheet.


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