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1:56 a.m. // 16 January 2004

Mark visited last night. He is renting a farm out in Burnet with a log cabin. His wedding is apparently going to be THEE social event of the season in SA, which is funny. You would think he would be exasperated but I think he feels so far removed from the plans that it doesn't matter.

He drew a circle in the air to represent the wedding. "This is the wedding. This is me" -- a dot in the air an arm's length away. He was happy that he got his say in one thing: what kind of cake he wanted for his groom's cake. (Answer: Pie of all kinds.)

He left Denton at 6:30 a.m. so he could do errands before his "Honey Do" shower tonight. Apparently it is a shower for the groom where he gets tools and home improvement-type gifts. I thought he said "honeydew shower" and I thought there would be melons involved.

Sam, Mark and Hunter were playing with marshmallow guns across the street from Hunter's house at like 1 in the morning. When they started using glass marbles for ammo, I had to go inside. I play-fought with the cat, Coal (aka Cole, aka "Fat Fuck").

Mark was desperate for bi bim bap in hot stone bowl so that is what we had for dinner. Dwayne and I hung out at Crystal and Johann's house and now I have to remember to put them on the guest list. Crystal is learning how to be a massage therapist and she rubbed my back with a tiny bowling ball.

I got to work today and there were three flavors of Pocky waiting for me (Hiro went to the Asian supermarket). I ate Pocky all day. Instead of dinner I went to practice with j8, for we have a big show tomorrow. (Well, we hope it's a big show, or at least a good show, what with suicidegirls doing their thing a few blocks away.) Dwayne better not be sick.

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