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1:34 p.m. // 09 February 2004

Hey, I let a whole week go by without writing an entry. All I have to write about is shows, shows, shows, anyway.

The Blakes from the West Coast just left. I think they went on tour again just so Bob the drummer could come to our house and make a tape of the Judy's. He had some '80s buttons for sale and my favorite was just black text on yellow: "Elvis Costello. This Year's Model. Made in 1955 for 1984."

Jackson 8 played with them last night at Mable's, plus a new band that shall remain nameless because they are still nameless. Decent turnout, fun show, totally sloppy playing on our part.

The Vagiants played again last Tuesday at J&J's, picking up a last-minute show after resting in town for a day and then getting restless. We played with them; now j8 wants to go up to Winnipeg to play with them up there. Dwayne and Josh are working on this plan to take us up north in May. It looks very doable, compared to last summer's breakneck-pace California jaunt.

Funny thing #1 about that show: Lo-Fi Chorus jumped on the bill because Blueprint Sea had to drop out, and all the guys happened to be at the bar and overheard this. I love Denton. Funny thing #2: The way the Vagiants singer (Joanne I think?) closed the set by, um, how shall we phrase this, popping her shirt down and all the other band members doing this big cartoony "uh-oh!" pose. Antics aside, they blew us away in front of a smallish but attentive crowd.

I think that's all that happened last week. Hunter my friend is working through this month, then going on vacation and then heading on up to Dallas. sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff. Tabitha is taking his place. I get to go to Mark and Jennifer's wedding!!! and I started looking for bridesmaid dresses because I'm going to be an attendant on HIS side.

Oh, I updated my lomohomes site with new photos: www.lomohomes.com/mariel.


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