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8:38 a.m. // 04 March 2004

Been tending to cats. Last night, watched the first tape of Scarface with D., J. & N. Dwayne and I made a late dinner of barbecued tofu and mashed potatoes, which plus Nazli's fried zucchini and baba ghanouj (box) made a yummy meal. J. Prisk ate up the tofu, to my surprise. tofu vegetable. (I couldn't find a "not equals" sign.) Ask for "recipe" (not really a recipe if you use bottled sauce and leftover spaghetti sauce).

And now we come to a continuing regular meta-feature where we look at what people have searched to find my online diary (band names have been removed because there are too many):

  • clementines
  • "@jeet pa!" (2x)
  • "rock lottery"
  • underwears
  • ryanpants
  • chigoes
  • rascality diaryland
  • frndstr (2x)
  • delicate feet
  • 2004 haircut tendencies
  • "spin master"
  • snatch scrabble
  • buttonmaking
  • j&j musics (via google.com.pr)
  • "bear playing guitar" (which results in 36 hits all around the world)

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