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12:01 p.m. // 02 December 2004

Thanksgiving done and gone. It's on my livejournal. I worked a 13-hour shift yesterday, I'm beat.

Last night I was telling Dwayne that he needs to see O Brother, Where Art Thou in its entirety, because I was shocked that he had not.

HIM: "But we need to watch the new Harry Potter!
ME: "But O Brother is by the Coen brothers!"
HIM: "Oh, one of them died today."
ME: "WHAT?! One of the Coen brothers died?!?!"
HIM: "No wait, he had a baby. ... no, one of them died. ... no wait, one of them had a birthday. But he's going to die soon anyway, he's 72."
ME, muttering: "They're NOT 72! They're like 50 or 40!"
HIM: "Oh, I guess he turned like 52. It was on the news."


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