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4:16 p.m. // 22 November 2004

yay, a new collective!

Yesterday Becca and David had said they wanted to go out for brunch, but instead they came over with a little turkey and all the fixin's. We went and picked up sniffly Nazli and had a tiny Thanksgiving at the house.

Dwayne ran sound at the show last night with S-1, C. McFarland (on tour with his backing band, an ipod), Z. of Yore and other dudes. We randomly found Kyle n.g. on our way there, and we played two rounds of pool. Or rather, I played very poorly while he sank his balls and enough of mine so that it looked like I was keeping up!

J. Pri. killed on the drums with History. Also Saturday night, the robot band at RGRS was killer, at least in concept if not necessarily in song quality. Seriously, a robot that plays six-string guitar and three-string bass? Sweet.


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