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10:25 a.m. // 11 December 2003

aaah! I can't see right. They dilated my eyes at the optometrist's office, and letting me drive home was probably not a good idea. At least I can touch type.

D. and I are buying a jukebox with space for 150 45's! We won it on eBay. It started at $350, then no one bid on it until the last day. Some other dude bid it up a little, but we got it for $410. We thought there would be a heated bidding war at the end and that we wouldn't get it, but it didn't happen.

It comes with a hundred 45's in it. Hunter said we should make a list of who's on the records inside, and see what we get. I hope there's some Johnny Cash.

Last Sunday was a good show at Mable's -- Faceless Werewolves, Murdocks and Tah-Dahs. J. worked the bar for the first time and it made things more fun, like we were running our own place. I was running the door and D. was doing sound, and Nazli was working on being bored and then she did a lot of sweeping up.

Saturday night at Dan's is RED VELVET DECEPTION, a holiday show with seven bands. I think the lineup is determined by a drawing, so I don't know when j8 is gonna play. I have to work until midnight so I hope our slot is after midnight, or early on in the night.

Each band has to do a 25-minute set including one original holiday song and two covers. I have ben kind of sucking on the Christmas songs, but I am getting a little bit better.


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