[[groovy musics: francoise hardy, carter family]]

3:06 p.m. // 28 April 2003

Here's what I've eaten this weekend at various small-town festivals:

  • a corn dog (not vegetarian)
  • a tamale (not vegetarian)
  • roasted cob of corn
  • half of a "mint julip lemonade" (turned out to be a nasty artificial-tasting bright green liquid that cost $4; I threw most of it away).
  • a beef brisket sandwich (sooo not vegetarian)
  • half of an order of Texas taters, with salt and vinegar
  • one-third of Hunter's deep-fried Snickers bar
  • German sausage on a bun with sauerkraut, served by a young Boy Scout with drool-covered braces
  • honey pecans
  • half of a frozen banana dipped in chocolate


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