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2:50 a.m. // 06 October 2003

WHY must I be cursed with a huge pimple in that area that is not quite cheek but not yet nose, PLUS one on the inside of EACH nostril? It is pissing me off.

I ran the door at Mable's tonight. Not too many people showed up; there were some, but they all left after the first band (so d. shouldn't have put the first). Zest of Yore guy put a dude name of Preston on the guest list. The threat of awkwardness loomed, but dude never came. That band is okay but they still played too many covers -- although they do a couple of Guided by Voices songs, which is cool in my book. The Murdocks were okay, Dwayne said they did too many covers but I didn't even notice any. I'm just clueless. I bought a shirt that says "MURDOCKS IS AWESOME."

I heart the Tah-Dahs. They played a great set even though there were like five people watching. If you listen to the Tah-Dahs and don't immediately fall in love with their songs, then you have a cold, cold heart.

Dwayne and I went to the State Fair with J&N today too. We went on this alien-themed funhouse ride that was only semi-lame. At the end a real live guy jumped out and yelled boo in my hear. I got a pineapple frosty, which I couldn't find at all last year. I also ate a corn dog because corn dogs rule. It kind of totally negates the vegan banana pancakes I made for brunch, don't it? It was Gay Day at the fair but we didn't find out until that night.

Dwayne's band rocked the Rock Lottery. More on that later. Over and out.


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