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10:25 a.m. // 08 October 2003

Last night was an awesome bill at m.p.'s and the door only collected $37! And that's donations, not cover! People. It made me sad, because these were some good bands.

1. Rope or Bullets, from Utah or something. I only saw the last couple of their songs but they were neat. Girl on guitar + boy on keyboards + boy-girl vox + slide show in background + drum machine. They are playing at Andy's on Thursday and I guess we should go give them back their sheet that they were projecting slides onto. They left after their set, probably because prospects for getting paid seemed dismal, but I would have bought a T-shirt or something.

2. The Chase, from Portland. Oh lord this band was great. They made me smile their entire set. Very simple, just cello, bass guitar and drums, no vocals, but powerful as well as catchy. They deserved an audience a dozen times larger. Even the bar regulars liked them (probably in part because they're all girls, but still). They crashed at our house for a few hours before waking up to drive to El Paso. I told them we appreciated having nice non-partier people visiting. I like boys but man those bands can get noisy and rowdy.

3. The Kants, from Houston. They were winding up their tour and heading back today. I met Ted who deejays and knows Sophia and who said he was picking up Mary at the airport today. I bought some vinyl off them.

4. Shoeless Agadore, from here. I really do like them, after last night.

I'm in shock and awe after finding out what's gone on in California. yo?


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