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11:43 p.m. // 27 May 2004

HOLY FLAMING CRAP!!! Jackson 8 got picked to be one of twenty bands competing in the Little Steven's Underground Garage battle of the bands!!!!!!!!!

Now I have to figure out how to get to Chicago and back for three nights using my remaining one and a half days of vacation! Either that or quit my job!

I am both excited and screwed.

3:24 a.m. addendum:
After work I drove up to the Square and saw a girl carrying an American flag that she'd uprooted from somewhere on the sidewalk where the patriotic folks planted them in honor of Memorial Day. She saw cars approaching so she hollered, "Hey! There's a war going on!" and banged the flag post against a traffic box.

My stomach is uneasy. I'm anxious about the contest but especially how we're going to get there, but mostly it's the two cups of coffee. The contest is really soon -- June 8-10, less than two weeks.

I didn't go see Bonnie "Prince" Billy on Tuesday -- I was and still am run down from the tour, which threw me off schedule for everything. But I also didn't want to go alone and spend twelve bucks for a show likely to sell out and then jockey for a spot with hundreds of hipper-than-thou kids from out of town at a venue that I'm not that fond of. I decided I'd rather buy the record. Am I getting old or am I a snob? Have I come to the realization that the world will not end if I don't make it to a certain show? Is it just more exciting to play at a show than to simply watch it? Yeah.


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