[[groovy musics: t.s.i.t.r., neil hamburger, guilloteens, j8 practise]]

11:27 p.m. // 16 February 2004

I forgot to say that it snowed Friday night/early Saturday morning. I met dwayne at the goth V-day show, but I missed all but two songs of jetscreamer's set. We went to Jupiter House afterwards for coffee and gin rummy.

The snow started coming down pretty good; soon we were the only customers. The first, much-needed cup of coffee perked me up. The second cup made both me and Dwayne jittery and manic, so we couldn't even concentrate on rummy. We went home and made all the rest of the buttons for WJH+TMMOG, while watching the same three music videos they show on empTV and vee-aitch-one. The snow started falling in abundance and it became 5 a.m. and we called Josh to encourage him to stay home from work.

At 9:30 in the morning somebody banged on the door, and it was Chris J. bearing doughnuts and kolaches. We made him watch TV quietly while we tried to get an hour more of sleep on an interrupted Valentine's morning.

Today I planted all the rest of the onions, and I made peanut butter banana cookies and banana chocolate chip cookies (had too many overripe bananas).


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