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9:50 p.m. // 18 May 2003

today is my mom's birthday so I went to church with my family and then we went to eat at a sushi buffet in addison. I have been reading books about food poisoning, and eating vegetarian a lot, and having a fucked-up digestive system of late, so I ate miso soup, half a plate of salad, a small plate of sushi stuff, a leetle bit of dessert, and mostly drank a ton of green tea. My parents, on the other hand, believe in getting their money's worth, so they ate CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP plate after plate after plate of the stuff.

speaking of which, my stupid tiny zine is called CHOMP CHOMP because I'm just fuckin around. it tickled rick and taylor because it turns out pale-blue-eyes Taylor likes to draw these frog-looking creatures named chomp chomps.

After sushi they dropped me off at cd world where I met up with dwayne and josh after they went to a record show. I was looking for white stripes on vinyl but no luck; also, they were fresh out of the postal service. I got the new pornographers' new one, and then I was going to get the jicks' new one, but I listened to moldy peaches for the first time and it made me happy, so I got that instead. the couple seconds I heard of the jicks was slooow. It feels like I haven't been to a record store for years, everyone's got a new album out. wow, there's an elastica retrospective and it's got a sticker with a quote from NME on it, saying something like: "Truly, they were the Strokes of their day." dude. what the fuck?

so, like, all that worrying was for naught, at least for now. myparentsdidn'tyellatme for deciding to move into a house with two boys. I thought I would have to deal with anger and tears today, even though I'm twentyfour next month. the only thing my parents hounded me about was going to grad school. my dad wants me to take accounting classes because I "might like it," and my mom wondered where all my childhood curiosity about everything had gone. I am interested in lots of things, I'm just not interested in going back to college unless I can design a course of studies that encompasses the followng subjects that I am currently interested in:

  • music -- indie, rock, punk, all that is true and good, etc.
  • rock journalism
  • the design of everything from magazines to cities
  • photography using cheap cameras and bright colors
  • alt.comix
  • food poisoning
  • cooking, esp. vegetarian
  • organic farming and composting
  • sociology
  • fixing a bike
  • et al.


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