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11:34 a.m. // 05 May 2003

choexperiment is sleeping at the jackson8 house after last night's show at J&J's. I was there but I got on my bike and left even though it was pouring rain. I don't like to hang around and feel bored while everyone else is asleep. It's a creepy feeling. It makes me feel like, "Oh! When will everyone else wake up so we can HAVE FUN? Then I can stop being so bored!" even though I don't actually care how late people sleep.

So instead I came home to pack. But it's very cold and wet outside and when I got home I wanted to pass out. why am I so anemic?

choexperiment = totally weird! boobs. I also saw rise & shine because they played last. I like them; the two vocalists always place their mics so they're facing each other, and they sing like they're having a conversation. it's ingenious and simple. why has no one thought of this before?

annnnnnnd... I got to drive van morrissey! I don't know how to spell morissey. Josh P. had had some Schlitz so he couldn't drive the van three blocks to the house, and Dwayne had to drive his car. So I threw my bike in the back and motored on outta there.

dwayne and I found someone to give my turkey away to. I got this free turkey back at thanksgiving, and it's been sitting in the freezer ever since. ethan ethan told dwayne that each month he cooks a turkey, then freezes it and eats it throughout the month. Now, he need not worry about starving through June!


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