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10:23 a.m. // 10 January 2003

Dwayne has been sick but he's getting better. I took him to a doctor yesterday, not his regular doctor because he's far away in Flower Mound, but to some random doctor here in town who had an opening immediately. The doctor turned out to be an elderly dude who couldn't hear very well and didn't really tell Dwayne what he had, just shoved some drugs at him and interpreted his questions as interruptions. But the drugs are fighting his awful severe sore throat.

I should be next but I'm consuming all manner of citrus fruit and drinking Odwalla Superfood juice. I accidentally bought $8 worth of echinacea the other day; didn't mean to purchase that much but I didn't weigh it beforehand.

I like the following teas:

  • Awake black tea blend from Tazo -- yeah, it really sucks that my favorite tea is made by Starbucks but it's rilly rilly good.
  • Green tea with brown rice, it's hearty.
  • I got some red tea this week and it's very soothing. Except the tea leaves (not really leaves, more like tiny needles) drift through the mesh tea ball.
  • Anything with hibiscus flowers.
  • I have some roasted brown tea but I don't dig it all that much.


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